3/4 year’s resolution.

Hi, Hey, Hello,

Here I am, well into the new year with two mildly-successful attempts at NaNoWriMo under my belt, and like a teenager on prom night, unsure of how to continue. I’ve been searching for that sweet nugget of novel we’re all voraciously trying to find, though it’s starting to feel less like digging in the sand and more like carving Mount Rushmore with a pen-knife.

I find myself staring at the blinking cursor defeatedly (as we often do), waiting for the Muse to turn up to give its welcoming brain massage and instead having my door kicked in by a velociraptor ready to give prostate exams.

As the adage goes, writer’s write, but we all know how difficult it can be to muster up the motivation to strap in and soldier on, like a timid dominatrix at a BDSM convention (sidebar—can a dominatrix be timid? Is that its own fetish? Google that later).

That is why, dear reader, I have started this blog. Accountability is the name, liability is the game. During NaNoWriMo, finding motivation wasn’t easier—however, typing your word count at the end of the day only to see the-little-progress-bar-that-could raise 1/8th of an inch was just enough groin-tingling excitement and relief needed to continue on. Taking a smidgen of weight off the 50,000 Word Mountain precariously teetering ever-so slightly above my head felt both empowering and humbling, and I hope having that same level of responsibility here will do me good, like a…nah.

Were there enough irrelevant analogies in this? I think not.

Stay tuned!