For a moment, you were mine, and I was yours. From across the room we locked eyes, and although we stood apart, our souls introduced, intertwined and parted ways.

For a moment, I recognized your remorse and quieted your pain. Your life was celebrated and forgiven, from everything you were, to everything you are—your strengths, your weaknesses, your faults and your grace.

For a moment, you saw my insecurities and raised my resolve. From your eyes I lost all arrogance and gained all humility.

For a moment, I became the greatest version of myself—I wished to give you the world with all its wonder, its terror, its misery, and its love.

For a moment, we lived, we loved, we laughed, and we lost.

For a moment, the reverence of our perfect woven life was known in a glance, and forgotten in a blink.

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