Concept Fiction: Your First Buggle Pt 1

Illustration: “Buddle Landing” – Shaddy Safadi

Your First Buggle, Part I

Magistrate Genki has issued a mandate that all would-be Wranglers receive proper training after last month’s incident with Wrangler Yalus and the High Court. Construction is still underway, and the court should reopen by the end of the month.

Wrangling Your First Buggle

After completing flight school, you’ll want to go out and wrangle your first Buggle. Now, I know all you redhats are itching to get out and serve the colony, but there are some precautions you need to take before you saddle up. First and foremost:

  1. Know The Species

Here in Fareway, we cater to two types of Buggles—Amber and Red Horn. We’ve all heard the stories about Jakis Ullong wrangling not one, but three Red Horns in his heyday, but I can tell you from first-hand experience that Reds are not taken easily.

Red Horn Buggles are easily identified by their dual, two-point red horns located just above the proboscis. Red’s are volatile, stubborn, and can tear a man to shreds in seconds.

Amber Buggles, on the other hand, are readily available, easy to maintain, and all round more reliable than their red-horned counterparts. While you’re all itching to go out and defend the colony, remember—a careless wrangler, is a dead wrangler.

If, by chance you happen upon a nest, remember these important points:

  • DO NOT climb the Black Conifers beyond the village and take an egg, larvae, or mothlet—you’ll find yourself face to face with the broodmother, or worse, a bull moth.
  • DO NOT go scouting out alone; find a veteran Wrangler to escort you and several others to the gestation fields where the proper precautions have been taken (the more scouts in a group, the greater chance you’ll succeed).
  • DO remember your hook/pokers in case the inevitable happens, or you find an available Buggle.
  • DO remember to secure your safety harness to your saddle—many Wranglers have fallen to their deaths due to improper care of equipment, or negligence of security procedures.

2. Know Your Equipment

Every Wrangler has been given a standard-issue, heat-treated Conifer Hook/Poker. Any other poker is either bought, made, or acquired through many years of service (any bought/made Hook/Poker must be cleared by a WPA Agent before use in the field). It is important to note that the poker does not make the Wrangler—a successful Wrangler uses a Conifer poker as skillfully as they would a metal, or hardwood poker.

An Amber Lamp is also given to wranglers. The lamps help guide Buggles when they get too distracted or bored. The lamp’s metal housing has an adjustable ring near the top that can be simply attached to any standard Hook/Poker.

If for whatever reason your poker or lamp has been lost in flight, use the reigns of your saddle to guide the Buggle towards the landing lights on the outskirts of the village or nearby outpost. The awaiting WPA’s (Wrangler Protection Authority) will guide you to a safe landing.

Be cautious, Be safe, and I’ll see you in the field!
Wrangler Dandon

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